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IMPORTANT NOTICE - Our billing system is changing 

Barrabool Hills Family Medical has always strived to provide affordable and high standard of service. GP practices like Barrabool Hills Family Medical are privately owned and operated practices. The government Medicare rebate for your consults contribute not just to the GP’s pay but also needs to cover the cost of running the clinic, including admin and nursing staff wages, medical equipment, IT support and much more.


The cost of running medical practices has been rising by over 3% per year. Unfortunately, the government hasn’t increased the Medicare rebate enough to support your ongoing health care. Between 2010- 2020 Medicare rebates increased by an average of just over 1% each year and rebates were completely frozen between 2014 and 2018.  In July 2021 the rebate for a standard GP consult increased by just $0.35.


Considering all the above we've had to make the decision to introduce a gap fee to cover the cost of running a modern medical practice that strives to provide quality care to its patients, otherwise we would have to make the very difficult decision to close the practise permanently.


Hence in the near future, the practice will be charging a gap fee to patients.

This has been a very difficult decision for us but due to the severity of the current situation this is the only way we're able to keep the medical centre running.


We will continue to Bulk bill

  • Children under 16 

  • Childhood Immunisation

  • GP Management care plans

  • Mental health care plans

  • Health care assessments

  • Health Care/Pensioner Cards

  • DVA Card Holder


We have EFTPOS and credit card facilities for your convenience.

The fee schedule is available on our website and at reception.


Barrabool Hills Family Medical will require payment on the day of your appointment.

Medicare rebates can be claimed from Medicare instantly into the patients’ bank account if they provide an EFTPOS card at the time of payment or via online patient claiming.

An update on when we will introduce our new mixed billing policy will follow.


Standard Consult

Fee: $61.40

Medicare Rebate: $41.40

Cost to you: $20.00

Long Consults

Fee: $99.70

Medicare Rebate: $79.70

Cost to you: $20.00

Extended Consult

Fee: $138.00

Medicare Rebate: $118.00

Cost to you: $20.00

Public Holiday Short Consults- 23

Fee: $70.65

Medicare Rebate: $30.65

Cost to you: $40.00

Public Holiday Long Consult- 36

Fee: $128.80

Medicare rebate: $88.80

Cost to you: $40.00



Short Telephone Consult

Fee: $38.85

Medicare rebate: $18.85

Cost to you: $20.00

Standard Telephone Consult

Fee: $61.20

Medicare Rebate: $41.20

Cost to you: $20.00


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